C9 Petroleum hydrocarbon Resin

Product Indtroduction:

C9 Petroleum Hydrocarbon Resin is produced through catalytic, polymerization from crack C9. The color is light yellow. It has the properties of good heat stability, solubility, water resistance and very good chemical stability over acid and alkali.


Widely used as fertilizer in paint, rubber, adhesives, printhing ink, plastic floor tile, modified asphalt industries.

adhesive tape
package tape
hydrocarbon resin used in paint
Aromatic Resin used in paint

Package and Storages:

Packaging:25kgs craft paper bags or plastic bags of 500kgs or 1000kgs.
Storage: should be stored in the warehouse. Prevent moisture, prevent sun direct illuminate, the normal temperature in warehouse is not more than 35℃, and humidity is not more than 85%.

Physical and Chemical Indicators: