Product Indtroduction:

Hydrogenated Hydrocarbon Resin C5 raw material is cracking aliphatic C5 and is obtained by hydrogenation, to achieve high quality, multi purpose water white hydrocarbon resin. It has excellent compatibility with polymers with excellent colors, thermal stability, low odor, and water-soluble polymers like EVA, SIS, SBS, and APAO.


Hydrogenated C5 & DCPD hydrocarbon resin mainly used in hot-melt adhesives (HMA), hot melt adhesives for hygiene products (HMPSA), PP film modifiers and other additives.

Hydrocarbon resin used in Children's diapers

Package and Storages:

Packaging:25kgs craft paper bags or plastic bags of 500kgs or 1000kgs.
Storage: should be stored in the warehouse. Prevent moisture, prevent sun direct illuminate, the normal temperature in warehouse is not more than 35℃, and humidity is not more than 85%.

C5 hyrogenated hydrocarbon resin